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Retail Financials (Part of the Understanding Retail Suite)

Learn about retail financials in this e-learning course which forms part of the Understanding Retail suite.


Advanced Retail Solution Selling

This e-learning course is designed for everyone marketing technology products or services to the retail industry using a solution selling approach.


Retail Key Performance Indicators (Part of the Understanding Retail Suite)

Learn about the key performance indicators in the retail business in this online course which is part of the Understanding Retail Suite.


Understanding Buying Motives

This module teaches sales professionals how to understand the disciplines for selling to logic and emotion, individuals and corporations, using motives, features, benefits, and accentuating these benefits to find the factors that trigger a “buy”.


Retail Information Technology

This e-learning course provides a detailed understanding of the use of technology in the retail industry.


Reading the Client

This module improves sales effectiveness from the inside-out by teaching sales professionals how to utilise their knowledge of “personality profiling” and in order to sell to different styles of personality.


Allocation and Replenishment

This e-learning course provides a thorough grounding in allocation and replenishment principles and concepts.


Breaking The Ice and Needs Analysis

Learn about how to "break the ice" in a sales context and how to engage in formal information gathering through a needs analysis questionnaire.

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